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100 highest-paying graduate jobs in Australia

Tony Hadlow

Careers Commentator
Set on bringing in the big bucks when you graduate? Find yourself one of the jobs on this list and get paid up to $250k!

Learn all about the best-paid companies, industries, and roles you could find yourself in after you graduate. Spoiler alert: trading, investment banking, and mining, oil & gas (typically FIFO) are where it's at!

100 Highest-paying graduate jobs in Australia

🔍 Where we got our data

  • These are graduate jobs posted on our site in the last twelve months (July 2022 - July 2023). This means that not all jobs are currently live. For the most up-to-date job postings, check our site.
  • The average salaries listed are the averages of the salary ranges that employers provide. Where employers tied for salary, we prioritised those with higher rankings.

Which industries offer the most highest-paying graduate jobs?

The following five industries account for over 90% of the job postings in our list.

Industry % of Jobs in Our List
Mining, Oil & Gas 52%
Trading 18%
Government & Public Service 9%
Energy & Utilities 7%
Management Consulting 3%

📊 How to use this data

You can increase your chances of landing a well-paid job straight out of uni by focusing your job hunt on these industries. For example, let's say you want to be a sales representative or work in HR. Your chances of finding a well-paid job increase when you search for those roles in these fields.

And to raise your chances of getting into these industries, make sure you study up! To get started, check out articles on each sector in our advice section.

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