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Shermaine Goh

Shermaine Goh graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Economics and Finance from RMIT University and is now working as an Associate Consultant at Capgemini Australia.

7.00 AM

I usually set my alarm for 7.15 am. On most days, I wake up before my alarm and I've been trying to make it a habit to get out of bed as soon as I wake up. I like to take a shower and do my self-care routine in the morning, it wakes me up and makes me feel energised to start the day! 
8.00 AM

I always make sure to have a hojicha latte (I am currently obsessed with this) or a green tea in the morning to wake me up. This has been a big part of my morning routine. I woke up today feeling a little hungry, so I decided to eat something. My go-to breakfast/lunch is a salmon and avocado bagel, alongside with some fruits at the side. I usually check my emails in the morning whilst eating my breakfast. 


9.00 AM

This morning I attended a virtual Change Management Masterclass alongside with the new graduates of January 2022. I have recently been interested in the Change Management field, which made me want to learn more. Some of the topics covered in the session were the common challenges a Change Manager face, the Methodology used in OCM, Transformation Curves etc. Overall, I learnt a lot coming out of that class as it was a very insightful and engaging session to be a part of.


11.30 AM

I am currently co-leading the She Said group (as a part of Women@Capgemini) with Yenti, who also happens to be a graduate consultant. We are doing some planning on an upcoming Panel Discussion with three senior leaders from Capgemini on the topic of "Break the Bias" in celebration of International Women's Day. Women@Capgemini is Capgemini's Employee Resource Group that aims to empower women, men and gender diverse people by helping employees develop female management and leadership skills. Being a part of an ERG has helped me expand my presentation and interpersonal skills - it has also helped me develop friendships, which I am very grateful for! 


1.00 PM

I usually just have a wrap with some sort of soup (usually Chicken soup). I try to have lunch downstairs to step away from my desk and give myself a break. This is especially good when the suns out, it's good to disengage from work for awhile and enjoy the nice weather :) After lunch, I proceed to finish project work that needs to be done. 

3.30 PM

We usually have a few team meetings daily to discuss our progress and if any of us are experiencing any blockers. I discuss with my colleagues if I am currently facing any issues with my tasks and provide them with a general update on what I have completed today, and how I am tracking with my deadlines. After that, I continue working on preparing test data for a Dynamics 365 solution we have implemented for the client. 


5.30 PM

After completing my workload for the day, it's time to log off! The best part of being in Capgemini is that we have a strong graduate community, everyone is very friendly and approachable. Natalie and I were a part of the same cohort and have become very good friends since then. She flew in from Sydney, so we decided to get dinner together in Melbourne. What a great way to end the day!