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I’ve recently completed training for the AZ-400 course and have been using my time in the afternoon to complete practice quizzes and Udemy tutorials – a great opportunity for development while being at work!

7.00 AM

Ding…Ding…Ding goes the alarm as it wakes me up from my beauty sleep. I remind myself that trains don’t wait for me, but not before having a scroll through the latest news headlines. I finally roll out of bed and get hustling. There’s a written rule in my house, no leaving without breakfast and so I make the toughest decision of the day – Milo or Nutri-Grain? Time to grab my work gear and make a dash for the 7.45 am express.

9.00 AM

Walking through the revolving doors at The Foundry in Redfern, I instantly feel a surge of positive energy. Our office recently received an award for architectural design. With the flexibility to work from home, I find myself in the office only a few times a week but when I do it’s always fantastic to work from this office.

I scoot up the stairs to Level 2, saying hey to a few colleagues on the way. I grab a nice window seat as I prefer it for both the views and the open-air feel. I fire up my laptop and it’s that sound that kickstarts my day.

Commonwealth Bank Ahnaf at work station

10.00 AM

My role as a Cloud Systems engineer involves a mixture of project and support operations tasks. I’m currently working in Cloud Services within our Tech team. Our team is helping to transform CommBank into a cloud-led organisation.

Our squad is made up of 20 members. Most of us have a background in Systems Engineering and range from entry level graduates to principal engineers. We also have expert project managers and service managers in the squad.

I spend the first part of my morning on the basics - catching up on Teams messages, and emails, assessing Jira tickets and reviewing my calendar to structure my day. I also take a peek at our intranet to catch up on all the latest CommBank news.

11.00 AM

Time for our daily huddle. As a DevOps squad, we follow Agile practices. We connect through MS Teams as a lot of our squad members work from home and others are based interstate and overseas. During the huddle, we take turns discussing wins, blockers or questions. As a team, we also review our support dashboard which our clients use to raise requests.

12.00 PM

Lunchtime! A great time to catch up with other grads and colleagues over a meal, especially on Wednesdays as this is our team-office-day. I normally pack food from home, but on days I feel fancy, my go-to is sushi from the local shop. We’re spoilt for food choices around our offices!

Recently our squad started a social club, which we use as an excuse to play board games and table tennis.

1.00 PM

Back from lunch and it’s time to continue working on my allocated tasks this sprint. We’re allocated individual Jira tickets during our sprint planning at the start of the sprint. Recently, I’ve been working on a project to uplift a front-end form that enables faster, smoother and simplified experience for cloud tenants - and it’ll be going live soon. If I get stuck, I use this time of the day to connect with a team member to clarify any doubts. 

3.30 PM

In the afternoons there are always a few meetings sprinkled in. Some days we may have sprint planning, demo sessions, learning sessions or a casual coffee run. 

As a Cloud Engineer, we’re encouraged to explore Azure training certification programs. I’ve recently completed training for the AZ-400 course and have been using my time in the afternoon to complete practice quizzes and Udemy tutorials – a great opportunity for development while being at work!

5.00 PM

Time to wrap up another great day in the office. I pack my things, say goodbye to my team and walk through the revolving doors and head back home.

Commonwealth Bank Ahnaf heading back home

7.00 PM

On a typical day off or in my free time, you may find me enjoying my favourite hobbies. I love photography, and while not a professional (yet) I have an appreciation for digital art. You’ll also find me watching or playing badminton, football and cricket. And when I’m just hanging out at home, I’ll be on my PlayStation or hooked on a new crime series.

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