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Sadi Zahir

8.00 AM

I start my workday later in the morning, so between 8.00 am and 9.30 am I get to enjoy either catching up with friends overseas, having breakfast or (sometimes!) exercising. Though, I'm definitely guilty of using this time to sleep in a little. Then, I get ready and take the train to work.

IMC Graduate- Male professional walking through the door to his office.

10.00 AM

I'm usually at work at 10.00 am to grab a coffee, refill my water and settle in for the day. First thing is usually attending the development team catch up, where we share what we've been working on in rapid succession. Then, I catch up on any e-mails or messages that may have come in overnight; I work with developers from the Europe and US offices on some projects, so it's always important to be across the progress made overnight, questions, comments...

My team specialises in the execution challenges of trading the Hong Kong markets, which we trade from 12.00 pm onwards thanks to time zones. I work pretty closely with the HK trading team, so I like to catch up with them regarding any changes we're going to make to the systems, any interesting news events, and so on. This is when we also catch up about potential new ideas to put into the software, the progress of in-development items, and the rollout of stuff that we've recently finished.

IMC Graduate- Male professional talking with his colleagues about potential new ideas.

11.00 AM

Time to get coding! I'm usually working on a number of new development items or investigations, and I have some freedom to prioritise them in a way that makes sense to me. Smattered throughout is chatting to other developers, asking questions, answering trader questions, and so on.

IMC Graduate- A software engineer coding on his laptop computer.

12.00 PM

Market open! I like to keep an eye on what's going on during this time of excitement and ask questions if the traders aren't too busy. I'm still relatively new so I want to learn as much as I can to get a better sense of intuition about what's happening in the markets. I can do this from my desk because the Hong Kong developers and traders sit so close together. Now that we're trading, some of the time is also spent "firefighting" or dealing with issues in our live systems.

2.00 PM

Sometime in the afternoon I take a break and grab some lunch. My lunchtime jumps all over the place depending on how busy Hong Kong is and if there are any problems to resolve. It's cool because I get to have a lot of variety in the people I have lunch with!

IMC Graduate- Male professional having lunch with colleagues.

3.00 PM

The rest of the day is a healthy mix of coding sessions and meetings. Even though I'm relatively new, I've had the opportunity to be the lead on a number of initiatives in my development space, which means I'm also expected to set up meetings, co-ordinate interested parties, and keep everyone updated. It's a really great way to grow and become a valuable member of the team!

7.00 PM

The office provides dinner for people who stay late, and I usually stay later because of my Hong Kong responsibilities and because I come in late! So I get to grab dinner and finish off a few things for work before I head home!

IMC Graduate- Male professional serving food on his plate.

8.00 PM

Usually, I'm home or out catching up with friends!

IMC Graduate- Male professional playing table tennis with friends after work.