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Students with Disability Super Fair 2021

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The Students with Disability Super Fair was held on Tuesday the 28th of September 2021. It was for students with a disability from any degree or background who want to discover top employers that are hiring and have the capability to ensure they are well supported.

The fair was live for two hours. During the first 30 minutes, students were invited to join the Panel Session. For the remaining 1.5 hours, they could meet with employers live in their own video booth.

Panel Session (first 30 minutes)

Begin the fair here by joining the session below.

Begin the fair by joining the Panel Session. This session will give you an opportunity to find out insider tips on how to succeed in this field.

We’ve assembled panels of recruiters from Australia’s top employers. Come prepared with questions to ask the panelists!

When the session is open, you can click the "Join" button below.

Exhibitor Sessions (remaining 1.5 hours)

Next up, join your future employer in a video booth!

For the remainder of the fair, you can meet employers in their booths below. The time is broken into three half an hour blocks. During each block, exhibitors may present on a particular topic or simply be open for questions from students.

Click below review exhibitor agendas.

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Engineering, Construction & Property Services

Retail, Sales & Consumer Goods